Key Benefits

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If you are in good health and rarely see a doctor, the Journey Plan is the choice for you.  With the all-new Journey Plan, you get the protection you need, but you don’t pay for coverage you might not use.

With the Journey Plan you will enjoy the lowest premiums of any other plan. The HMO low set co-pays will allow you to save money with first dollar coverage for daily care in office visits, labs and prescriptions. The accessibility to choose a provider with plans designs available on UnitedHealthCare's Alliance, Harmony and Performance HMO networks.

Another plus, is the introduction of the Gallagher HealthInvest Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA). The Gallagher Healthinvest HRA is a savings account for your medical expenses, is a great way to save out-of-pocket medical payments, plus it will help you save money by paying less taxes. The Journey Plan allows you to use your HRA funds now for health care expenses or save them for the future.

How it works:

  • You can invest your contributions according to your own risk profile

  • Wealth building with annual deposits to a Gallagher HealthInvest HRA

    • Keep your account – even if you change plans.

  • Manage your investments similar to a 401 (k) plan

  • User friendly platform that lets you keep track or your progress

This plan is another great benefit for those members that have dual medical coverage. You can use your Gallagher HealthInvest HRA to reimburse out-of-pocket medical expenses. The Gallagher HealthInvest HRA can be used on any tax-deductible medical expense — even if you have additional coverage, for example, through your spouse or Tri-Care.

Annual Deposits

to a portable HRA to help pay for any major or unexpected medical expenses. Any unsed funds stay with you for use in future years—even if you leave the plan or change jobs!

Full Coverage

with out-of-pocket limits that cap the total amount you might have to pay if you become seriously ill or injured.

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to deal with short-term illness and injury with set copays for routine expenses like doctor visits, lab work, X-rays and prescription drugs.


with online scheduling, same-day appointments and handy urgent care centers in many areas. 


to a broad network of doctors and hospitals through UnitedHealthcare's Alliance, Harmony and Performance HMO networks. 

Easy Access