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HealthInvest HRA is a great way to save up for out-of-pocket medical expenses, including retiree insurance premiums. It’s super easy to use, and it helps you save money by paying less in taxes.

Gallagher is one of the nation’s leading developers of health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) platforms. It all started more than 30 years ago when a retired school administrator expressed concern over the cost of his retiree medical insurance. This led to our development of the nation’s first multiple-employer HRA program for public employees. Today, we serve over 150,000 HRA participants from more than 1,100 employers.

Here’s how it works:

Your employer sends money to your HRA.

You invest those funds.

You use your HRA to reimburse medical expenses now or later.

Health Reimbursement Arrangement

An HRA is a type of health plan that puts you in control. It’s a savings account for your family’s medical care expenses and premiums. The money comes from your employer. Depending on your employer’s plan design, you can begin spending your HRA right away or save it up until you meet certain eligibility requirements, such as separation from service or retirement.

You get to invest your HRA by choosing from a menu of available investment funds.

In addition to covering everyday medical expenses, annual deposits to a Gallagher HealthInvest HRA (health reimbursement arrangement) help you build wealth for long-term protection. Your HRA is a tax-free account with real money for out-of-pocket medical bills. You get to control and use your HRA money whenever you choose.


  • HRA deposits occur every March


  • HRA money can be used right away or saved up to cover out-of-pocket medical bills.


  • Unused HRA money rolls over and accumulates from year to year.


  • You can invest your HRA money (similar to a 403(b) plan).


  • You get to keep and use your HRA even if you change jobs or medical plans.


  • Your HRA covers you, your spouse and dependents.


  • HRA deposits, investment earnings (if any), and withdrawals (claims) are all tax free.


Visit healthinvesthra.com to learn more about the Gallagher HealthInvest HRA.